A God Moment

IMG_4924asepia600By Cherie Burbach

About 15 or 20 years ago, I went through some bad stuff. When I came out of it, I thought that I had shame written across my face, that everyone who saw me could see what a loser I was. I felt worthless.

I took a hit emotionally and decided to make some changes. The first step was getting a new job. My old job was so toxic it was part of the things that were bringing me down. I worked long hours for people who treated me poorly (the story of my life back then) and needed to sever ties and focus on getting something new.

I landed a job interview just as I was making my way out of my emotional rubble. I felt raw and exposed, and while I was a great worker and had solid experience I was in a fragile place and didn’t think I could convey the confidence I needed to get the new gig. I remember the receptionist asking me to take a seat and then staring at me. And staring at me. I thought she knows I’m a loser and started to feel worse when suddenly she said, “I just have to tell you something. You have such a kind face. I’ve been sitting here thinking that and just wanted to tell you.”

I was blown away. A God moment, for sure. I have no doubt He gave her a little nudge to get her to express her thought, but I was so grateful. I relaxed. I went in and aced the interview, got the job, and worked for a wonderful boss. She was so wonderful, and a year later would be helpful and supportive when my dad died. My God, what a blessing it was to have her in my life. She was also a hoot and a half.

But it all started with that smile that lovely receptionist gave me, and those beautiful kind words that lifted the shame right off my shoulders. Only God can brush away shame like that, and I really believe that He uses people like you and me to do just that. And if you’re ever wondering what you can do to help someone, please know it is often the smallest of things, the simple, kind things that you might not even think twice about, that God uses to bolster our spirits.

Cherie Burbach is a poet, mixed media artist, and freelance writer specializing in lifestyle and relationships. She’s written for About.com, NBC/Universal, Match.com, Christianity Today, and more. Her latest book is: 100 Simple Ways to Have More Friends. Visit her website for more info, cherieburbach.com.

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