Small Acts of Kindness: 7 Ways to Teach Your Kids Respect and Kindness

By Chidinma

These days, with technology and access to information, teaching kids values is a hard job. I have found 7 ways to teach your kids respect and kindness; they seem to work for me, and they have a lasting impact on your child’s life.

#1. Do chores and work together

Assign tasks to each of your children and complete them working together. Often, you will hear kids fight, intervene and help them solve their troubles. When they learn to respect the work that every member of the family does, they also learn to respect outsiders.

Little Girl Washing A Window

Also, if they do well, reward them with something like a pancake breakfast, or ice cream. Respect leads to good things for them.

#2. Help out strangers

Even adults tend to ignore those people in need on our day-to-day. However, a fun and caring exercise for your kids is to teach them to respect everyone–no matter how and where they live.

To do this, give out Christmas presents to children in need, collect food, and volunteering at a soup kitchen or shelter. Start from an early age, and you’ll see how your kid grows up to care and value everyone.

#3. Say hello and thank you

Sometimes as parents we tend to let our children get by without saying hello, and thank you, but this is a mistake. Your kid should always say thank you, and they should always say hi to those around them.

It’s up to you to set the example, next time you get on the elevator say hi and goodbye as you leave. When you give your kid something, have him say the “magic words”, they’ll slowly get used to it.

#4. Stay calm and calm them down

Being angry and frustrated only worsens things, but the truth of the matter is that you are the adult, not them. Remain calm at all times, no matter how bad your kid’s tantrum is, or how rude he is being. If your child sees you calm, he/she will mimic that behavior.

Instead of reprimanding them, sit down, give them a glass of water, and calm them down. As he cools down, so will you, and then you can all talk about what went wrong.

#5. Set limits and stick to them

Limits are there for a reason. Have your kids always ask for permission before taking something that isn’t his, same when they want to play outside, when they want to get something to eat, when they want to bake with you, or when they want to have friends over.

No matter how much you love them, your children aren’t your friends, and they should respect that you are the authority. If they respect you, they will respect others when you are not looking.

#6. Have them keep a diary or a journal

To learn kindness and happiness, your kids need a space of their own, where they can complain, and talk about their fears and worries. Buy them a journal and have them write daily on it, by doing this, they’re liberating themselves from anger and frustration while getting in touch with their emotions.

Teenage girl making notes in her personal diary

#7. Recycle

Nothing more meaningful today than caring for our earth. Your kids are going to live in a world where doing their part matters.

Create fun recycling bins together and show them how to separate each item. While also explaining why it is important. Teach them that the earth is as valuable as they are. When you play outside, show them the impact that their recycling has on their favorite tree, or park.

Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other

Teaching respect and kindness is the best gift you can give your kids, as it is something no one can ever take away from them. What do you think? Do these tips work for you? Let me know if you have any other ones!

Chidinma is the founder of Fruitful Kitchen, a blog that shares delicious recipes and lifestyle tips. Most of her recipes help women with fertility issues, especially fibroids, PCOS, and Endometriosis. Sometimes, however, you will find other interesting recipes, as well as cooking tips and tricks there.

Danny’s Chicken Stew

chicken1Do you ever need to feed a large crowd? Do you like to cook outside in large pots? Then this is the recipe for you. Simple and delicious…


25 pounds of potatoes, cubed

5 pounds of onions, diced (I like less personally)

15 pounds chicken leg quarters, cooked, deboned, broth saved

2 gallons crushed tomatoes

4 large cans of tomato sauce

2 gallons of corn

3 pounds of elbow macaroni


Pour chicken broth in large kettle and add chicken.


Add potatoes, onions, and corn.


Soak macaroni in water until swelled, then pour off water.

Add to stew.


Add tomatoes last. Salt and pepper to taste.