Small Acts of Kindness: The Love of a Child

By Jennifer Hallmark

No one can show kindness like a child. Young children have a generally happy, carefree look at life, not yet jaded by the pain and sorrow associated with growing up.

My granddaughter, Phoebe, came to visit one day, bearing the gift of a picture she’d drawn for my refrigerator. The simple drawing of me and her with lots of love touched my heart and I still display it to this day.

If you have children you care for, encourage them to draw or make simple gifts for people around you that need to be lifted up. This doesn’t have to be expensive but it can make the world of difference for someone struggling.

The difference made by the love of a child…

P.S. And I love that she drew me with long hair 🙂


6 thoughts on “Small Acts of Kindness: The Love of a Child

  1. Our first grandchild is due in June. And I can’t wait for the day I have a picture like yours hanging on my refrigerator! Or in a frame!

  2. Many years ago, a brother and sister stayed with me after school while their parents were at work. They both created the cutest drawings of me and thanked me for allowing them to come and play at our house. I saved those drawings. Both of the children are in college now and I still remember those precious drawings.

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