Children and Small Acts of Kindness


By Jennifer Hallmarkkindness (1)

Children can be some of the greatest givers of love and kindness. It never ceases to amaze me how little ones can pick out someone hurting and encourage them with a simple word, smile, or act.

I remember when my son was little, maybe 5 or 6 years old. We had gone to a local fast food restaurant to eat lunch. The cashier was an older lady, maybe 50. To me, she looked tired. My son walked up to the counter and gave her his biggest smile. He said, “You’re beautiful. Will you marry me?”

She instantly brightened up and smiled back at him, telling me what a sweet little boy I had. I’m sure the good feeling from that moment lasted a long time, especially every time she shared the story.


Here’s another special act of kindness by a sweet child.

David and Crystal are very proud of their son, Ky. Here’s why in Crystal’s words…

My son made me so incredibly proud and happy today. There was a little girl at Spring Park and her and Ky had been talking about the children’s roller coaster before we left. She had never ridden it before, so Ky pulled on his armband enough to slide it off of his arm and she slid it on hers. Of course, I then peeled mine off without ripping it and put it on her grandmother so they could ride it together.

No, it doesn’t seem like much, but all Ky kept saying was, “I just wanted her to be happy. She has never rode that roller coaster and she will have fun.” She was having a blast on that roller coaster when we left, huge smile and arms up in the air.

Ky’s sweet, caring heart made me cry. I love him more than he’ll ever now! I pray he is always as caring as he is now.

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