Small Acts of Kindness: Shout out to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department

img_1075By Bonita Y. McCoy

My friend was nervous. She had never shot a gun before. As we entered the classroom, one of the instructors sat at a table to inspect our guns to make sure none of them were loaded.

I’d brought my gun unloaded, but the magazine I carried still had ammunition in it. The officer took the bullets out and handed them back to me.

“Go put these in your car.”

They were serious about safety. No Ammo allowed.

As the night progressed, each of the three officers took turns presenting material about gun safety, how to operate a revolver and a semiautomatic, what the laws were in the state of Alabama, and real life scenarios that made us think. They asked us to consider whether we could pull the trigger or not.

The class lasted about three hours, and we were given a map to the gun range where we were to meet that Saturday to put our instruction into practice.

Saturday morning came, and the ladies of the church gathered with their guns. Some, like my friend, were still nervous, but the Deputies of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department encouraged us through both their words and their actions.

They calmly explained step by step what we were to do.

Once we were on the firing line, there were five deputies present in order to ensure we received the attention and instruction that we needed.

I was impressed with their great attitudes and wonderful encouragement. Then I found out that these guys were there as volunteers. It blew me away. They had willingly given of their time to teach a bunch of ladies how to operate their guns giving us the experience and knowledge we needed to keep us and others safe.


At the end of the lesson, I found out that they do this several times throughout the year.

So, I wanted to give a big shout out to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department for volunteering their time in order to make their community safer.

photo-2Hello! I’m Bonita Y. McCoy. I hail from the Great State of Alabama where I live on a five-acre farm with three horses, two dogs, two cats, and one husband who I’ve had for over twenty-five years. I am a mother to three mostly grown sons and one beautiful daughter-in-law who joined us from Japan. I love God, and I love to write. My blog is an expression of both these passions. Drop by and visit. 

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