Kindness From a Small Hand

By Tori Bailey

tori-1At some point in time, we’ve all experienced moments when the total on the register doesn’t equal the amount of money in our wallets. There’s the forgotten purchase where the twenty-dollar bill was used and you only have eighteen dollars and some change. The awkward embarrassment is followed by panic and concluded with exasperation of what to do. Unfortunately, one of these such moments occurred with me.

It was my third night of making the commute to another long twelve-hour shift at the 9-1-1 center. I’d stopped at my normal quick stop to get gas and grab something to eat along with a few snacks for the night. With my items in hand, I made my way to the register and filed into the last spot of the line. Soon, it was my turn and the line behind me continued to grow with those on their way home from work. Positive I’d stayed within my budget of the cash I placed my bounty on the counter and waited for the cashier.

In my rush I’d forgotten I’d broken my twenty-dollars the previous night and was a dollar short. Embarrassed and frustrated with myself, I apologized for the inconvenience and asked to set my items to the side while I ran to the car to get the rest of what was due. Before I stepped away from the counter, a young voice spoke and offered a dollar to me. There was no pause, hesitancy, or reservation in his offer. I looked down into the face of what appeared to be a seven or eight-year-old boy.  With much gratitude I thanked him for his generosity and accepted his offer.

Once back at my car I waited from him to exit and watched him approach his mother. With the amount he’d given me plus a little more, I approached him and again thanked him for his act of kindness. His mother beamed with pride to hear what her son had done to help a stranger. As a public servant, one often experiences humanity at its most unpleasant and can jade the ability to seek good. It took the small hand of a child and an act of selfless kindness to remind me there is still hope not only for all of us but in the generations after us.

tori2Tori Bailey is a retired 9-1-1 Communication Officer.  She is the author of the Coming Home series that includes the titles: Coming Home–A Second Chance at Goodbye and Ethel’s Song-A Coming Home novel.  The third title, Love-Made from Scratch, is set for release on Valentine’s Day 2017.  Her short stories have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul- My Very Good, Very Bad Cat and the Christmas Anthology – A Cup of Christmas. She is a contributing writer for the Georgia Connector Magazine and Walton Living Magazine. Follow, friend and visit her at:  Tori Bailey Ink (Facebook), ReadToriBailey (Twitter), and

Love Made from Scratch

Solitude was the only neighbor Thomas wanted when he rented the small cabin in the mountains of North Georgia.  It was the one place where he could escape the constant reminders of his wife and wallow in the guilt he was responsible for robbing his son of a mother. He did not expect the second cabin to have an occupant.  

Jess Durrington accepted her aunt’s offer to move into the cabin.  It was her first step toward gaining independence and making a life for herself and her unborn son. Since the news of Tyler’ platoon being ambushed and his death, Jess’ life turned from being a bride to a single-parent.  She knew she carried the one gift of Tyler’s that his mother would want to rip from her.

Kass Durrington was proud her sister was making a stance for herself.  Dixie Prudence Durrington had held a tight rein on Jess’ life since the accident, leaving Jess hearing impaired. Caught in the constant cross-fire between her mother and aunt, Kass understood how manipulative her mother could be and the courage it took for Jess to agree to the offer.

Three lives will merge in the attempt to save one during an ice storm. Thomas and Kass help Jess deliver her son, Tyler Zachary Wasley, while stranded at the cabin. News of Zach’s birth and the manner in which he arrived into the world will spread. Thomas and Kass will now have to help Jess fight to keep her son.

Love Made from Scratch is the last installment of the Coming Home trilogy.  Tori reunites readers with the characters from Coming Home – A Second Chance at Goodbye and Ethel’s Song.  Journey with Thomas, Jess and Kass between Athens, Dahlonega and the Napa Valley. Love Made from Scratch is set for release February 14, 2017.  Pre-order your copy at  and download the Love Made from Scratch recipe.

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