Small Acts of Kindness/Common Courtesy

kindness-1197351_960_720One of my friends, Jen Barbosa, was waiting in line at a store when she was able to provide a small act of kindness. Here’s the story, in her words…

In a long line at the store, an elderly lady was having trouble paying for her twenty dollars worth of groceries. At first, I didn’t know what the hold up was, being further back in line.

As I started paying attention, I figured it out. Is it unreasonable of me that I was kind of angry (OK, maybe more then kind of! 😉) that not one person close by offered to pay it?! Was no one else raised to do the right thing?!

No worries. I pushed my way thru, paid it, and refused to give the poor lady, who is now in tears, my address for repayment. I returned to my spot in line and waited my turn. I don’t feel this was some huge act of kindness. Just remember common courtesy, everyone.

Jjen and kevinen Barbosa is a 37-year-old personal trainer with certifications in private training, cardio kickboxing, and nutrition consulting. I love helping people achieve their goals! Currently, I am based out of Moulton Athletic Club in Moulton , AL.

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