Souvenirs from an Unforgettable Trip

I just got back from a 3-week trip up the eastern seaboard and into Quebec. It was a wonderful time and we saw so much it would take much more than a blog post to go through it all. But I’ll share one experience here.

As we made our way back home from Canada, we stayed in Madawaska, Maine with some friends who have a cabin there. As we toured the town and its surroundings, they shared many details about the area, including the geography, topography, and personal history.

Paul and Bonnie live about 50 yards off the shore of Madawaska Lake. Madawaska Lake in Paul & Bonnie's backyard in MaineWe stayed at their home three days and three nights and got to meet and enjoy their friends. One evening, their some of their long-time friends and extended family sat around the campfire with us, sharing stories and generally enjoying each others’ company. They were so friendly I felt like we’d known each other a long time.


The second night we were there, John brought me forget-me-nots from their garden for no particular reason. Forget-me-nots from John (Paul Todds cousin) in Maine I’d only met him 24 hours prior, but he wanted to give me something. I have no idea why, but it was a nice gesture.  I pressed them in a journal and will have them for years to come.


It didn’t cost John a penny, and it didn’t take any time, but his gift of those flowers is something special. A small act of kindness, for no reason, that I’ll remember for a long time.

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