Small Acts of Kindness: The Blessing of a Loving Church Family

kindness (1)By Wendi Turner

What is a small act of kindness? Maybe it’s a smile or a hug. I guess it’s different for everyone. I have had the pleasure of being a grateful recipient of many acts of kindness throughout my life and each one is very special to me in its own way. It was so hard trying to choose just one to write about. I’ll share today the act of kindness when I was going through a very difficult time physically.

I’d been diagnosed with breast cancer, undergone a mastectomy, and was now going through about six months of chemotherapy. The first three months were the hardest. I had to take the drug many of you unfortunately know of as ‘The Red Devil.’

And boy was it tough!

But I was so blessed to have a wonderful support group. My husband, Ken, was absolutely amazing. He took such good care of me. My two sons were also awesome as they filled in whenever their dad was at work. Not one of them complained. I also had help from my family and Ken’s family and our friends. Everyone was so great.

I had the greatest support of all for me, Kenchristmas-food-587581_960_720, and my boys from my church family. They fed my family for the first three months. You may think, well, what’s so great about that? Let me tell you…the entire three months consisted of home-cooked meals, many from scratch. And not once did we have the same meal twice! Now that’s pretty amazing!

I will never be able to express the gratitude I have for the kindness my family was shown. So when I think about a small act of kindness, I’m not sure I believe there is such a thing—I do believe that any act of kindness—no matter what it may be is huge! And very much appreciated…

One thought on “Small Acts of Kindness: The Blessing of a Loving Church Family

  1. Wendi is an amazing lady & is the first to do for others. Her whole family are prayer warriors & they put legs on those prayers. I am so thankful God has healed her & placed this family with our New Life family!!!!! Thank you Jennifer & Wendi for sharing!

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