Twenty Ways We Can Show Kindness to a Hurting World

By Jennifer Hallmark

Our world can be a difficult place to live. kindness-1197351_960_720Terrorism, racism, weather-related catastrophes, and even everyday irritants can stretch us to the point of breaking. A small act of kindness might not seem like much in comparison to today’s headlines, but we can make our community a better place, one compassionate display at a time. Here are twenty ways to help us all get started in improving someone’s day…

  1. Pay for someone’s order at a cafe or the person behind you in the drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant. (Drive-Thru Difference)
  2. Send a card of encouragement by regular mail.
  3. Give at a back-to-school donation drive.
  4. Volunteer at an animal shelter or zoo.
  5. Pick up trash alongside the road in your neighborhood.
  6. Visit patients at a Veteran’s Hospital.
  7. Take a single mom/dad and her/his children to lunch.
  8. Donate to your local food bank during the annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.
  9. Volunteer to read to children at your community library.
  10. Give blood at the local blood donation center.
  11. Take snacks to the staff at the Intensive Care Unit of your local hospital.
  12. Offer baby-sitting services for a young couple or single mom/dad.
  13. Leave a gift card anonymously for someone you work with.
  14. During your shopping time, make a positive comment to each cashier you encounter.
  15. Sponsor a car wash, donation only, and donate to a local charity of your choice.
  16. Leave magazines or snacks in a hospital waiting room/Oncology Center. (Always ask permission first.)
  17. Donate a box of toiletry items to a women’s shelter.
  18. Take note cards, write encouraging messages on them, tape a pen/pencil/candy to the card, and then place them in a basket. Set it in a prominent place at work with a sign saying, “Free. Please take one.”
  19. Go to a nursing home in your community, make a list of supplies needed, and fill the need.
  20. Put together a help kit to give to any homeless people you may encounter.


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