Fathers’ Day

This coming Sunday is Fathers’ Day, and is a time to focus on, honor, and thank our dads for what they mean to us. My dad lives about 6 miles away and I’m privileged to see him each week for dinner. Dad at Amicalola Falls 2016 Great shot

When he gets home from work, he greets my mom, our dog, and me with a hug and a kiss and asks about our respective days. He listens, then shares how his went, often including the Bible study he’s attended that morning.

I appreciate that he shares things with me. I know not everyone is that fortunate. At the end of the evening, after we’ve had dinner and have played a game or two, Dad walks me out to my car to say good-bye.  Even if it’s not dark, he still escorts me out, helps me into my car, and tells me to drive home safely.  He does it because he cares.

There are times when Dad does “behind the scenes” work, particularly when it comes to planning a trip. For example, he, my mom, and I are going up the eastern seaboard to several places including Washington D.C. New York City, Pennsylvania, Maine, Niagara Falls, and Quebec.Niagara Falls Dad’s good at planning ahead, so he’s already made a lot of the reservations as to where we’ll stay along the way. He’s good at being in charge of things and taking care  of details, and it’s nice to depend on him for that. I’m looking forward to the trip.

What does Fathers’ Day mean to you? What memories or traditions do you have for Fathers’ Day?

5 thoughts on “Fathers’ Day

  1. This will be the first year I’m not really looking forward to Fathers’ Day. My stepfather passed in January and this year marks twenty-five years since my Dads sudden passing. They’re both in heaven so I’ll focus on my husband and son-in-law this year…

  2. Fortunate the woman who can resonate to your idyllic, wonderful relationship with your father, Ellen. Thanks for sharing that great picture.

    I hear you, Jennifer. For other reasons, Father’s Day can be painful for me and so many others. And like you said, having husbands and other family members to focus on really helps.

  3. Jennifer, your situation is a lot like mine. Father’s Day has been hard for me since 1994 when I unexpectedly lost my sweet daddy. He was 63yo, way too young. But to add to the sadness, Father’s Day also falls within a few days of my daddy’s birthday, June 18. This year is also the first Father’s Day since we lost Gary’s precious dad at 97yo. This weekend, I’m going to try to focus on the gifts the Lord gave me of two wonderful daddies, while looking forward to the day I see them again in eternity. Thanks for the reminder, Ellen.

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