Breakfast in Bed

By Ellen Andersen

Today’s post features a friend of mine, Sharon O’Neal,  whom I’ve known for years.

Sharon picShe and I are both involved in Stephen Ministry at our church, where we reach out to help and encourage others who are hurting.  We’ve been recipients of others’ kindness as well.  Here’s a story Sharon recently related to me.

Sharon: I was laid low with the flu and wasn’t able to get up to prepare breakfast for my husband. He told me not to worry he could get his own breakfast. I figured it would probably just be a bowl of dry cereal since he wasn’t very adept at finding his way around the kitchen. But a short time later, he appeared in the bedroom caring a tray with a bowl of hot oatmeal on it for me.oatmeal pic--Small Acts of Kindness

Ellen: Sounds very sweet.

Sharon: I was surprised to see what he had gone and done and so pleased at his efforts, until I began to eat the cereal.

Ellen: Oh?

Sharon: Yes, well, he had put chocolate chips in the bottom of the bowl which is how he liked his hot cereal. I, on the other hand, can’t tolerate chocolate first thing in the morning. But the smile on his face and the expression of his love meant a whole lot.

Ellen: I’m sure it did. Little things can make a big difference, especially when we’re not feeling well.

Have you had an experience like Sharon’s, where someone went out of their way to do something kind and unexpected? Share it here.