Stuck in the Snow

By Ellen Andersen

It’s been cold here in South Carolina and has been snowing off and on for the past couple weeks. Down here in the South, that’s not something we’re used to.  I’m from Southern California and it’s rare there too, so I hunker down even when there’s only a few inches on the ground.

It had been a couple days since the snowfall, but freezing temperatures at night made the roads ice over anywayChevy Cavalier in the snow 2016 so I decided to go to a later church service that morning. At 11:15, I headed out to my car but couldn’t open the door.  It was still frozen out so the door was stuck.  I tried three times with no luck.  Fortunately, my neighbor, Mark, came outside at that point and said, “How are you doin’ this morning?”

I gave him a half-smile and said, “Ok (not really I thought) but I can’t get this door open.” (and I don’t think I’m gonna get to church)

He came over, pulled up on the handle, and gave it a little muscle. “Here. Took a little bit to make it come open.” I thanked him and he wished me a good day.

What was no big deal to him meant a lot to me. I couldn’t have done it without him. It let me get to church so I could connect with the Lord and other people there too.


What do you find makes a difference to you, even though someone else may not realize it?


3 thoughts on “Stuck in the Snow

  1. What a blessing to have such kind neighbors! You’re right. Things that are a huge need for us may not be of any consequence to others. It’s the connection of the two that matters and makes for small acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing, Ellen!

    • I like that, Cathy. The connection of our need with others’ willingness to help is one way we can see God’s hand at work in our lives.

  2. Looking for ways that God enters our lives is a blessing we don’t want to miss. And He works through many of us in a multitude of ways. I hope Mark’s day proved a blessing for him as well.

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