The Kindness of Strangers

Sandra Ardoin_HeadshotBy Sandra Ardoin

Right after I graduated high school, I drove to Indiana for the graduation of the classmates I’d grown up with until my junior year when we moved to Texas. After a few days of seeing old friends, my best friend accompanied me home for more play time before we got down to the real life business of working for a living.

We had such a great time as I showed her the sights around my area of the Lone Star state. In fact, my eight-year-old, used car got a workout. We traveled up and down highways, two pups without a care, laughing and joking, until …

Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.

The car went kaput!

For those who can’t recall a day without cell phones, we could have been up a creek without AAA. Fortunately, we weren’t exactly stranded in the middle of nowhere. Country, yes, but sitting off the road nearby was a small brick house.

We knocked on the door and a gentleman answered. He must have been in his eighties at the time and living alone. After my friend explained the situation, he allowed us inside to call my parents. While we waited, my friend (who is not shy like me) kept up a conversation with the man. He told us all about his service in World War I.

While she asked question after question and listened attentively, I sat like a lump, anxious about my car and eager for a parent to pick us up. Now, as a writer of historical novels, I wish I had paid more attention to the things our sweet host said. But, at the time, I was too immature and reserved to appreciate them or his hospitality.

These days, letting any stranger into our house—even two seemingly innocent young girls—is something many of us won’t do. So it’s extra special when we find people who put aside their personal safety to see to the care and comfort of others.

Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll unknowingly entertain an angel – or be entertained by one.

Sandra Ardoin writes inspirational historical romance. She’s the author of The Yuletide Angel and A Reluctant Melody. A wife and mom, she’s also a reader, football fan, NASCAR watcher, garden planter, country music listener, antique store prowler. Visit her at and on the Seriously Write blog. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, and Pinterest. Join her email community to receive occasional updates and a free short story.

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