Welcome Ellen Andersen to the Small Acts of Kindness Blog!


I’m excited to introduce a new contributor to my blog, my friend, Ellen Andersen.

Hi, Ellen! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ellen:  Thanks Jennifer.  ​I live in Mauldin, South Carolina with a little guy Petey, whose nick-name is “Little One” since he’s a basset.

We met him in another post. He’s a cute little guy. Read about Petey here. How did you become interested in being a writer?IMG_1346

Ellen:  I’ve always liked to read and write. When I was in 4th grade I wanted to be a writer, but changed my mind many times like people usually do.  Now I’m back to it a bit.  Writing  can also be therapeutic sometimes.

It’s very therapeutic to me.  🙂   Can you tell us three unique things about yourself that we may not know?

Ellen: Three things that people may not know.  Let’s see. I’m originally from California and moved to South Carolina in 2002, where people are particularly friendly and life is less rushed.  I really enjoy baking.  I’ve travelled overseas many times and took the Eurail with a college friend back in the summer of 1992. We traveled through five different countries and enjoyed it all.

Thanks for sharing, Ellen! We look forward to reading your posts this year on acts of kindness.

Look for Ellen’s first post on January 11th. 🙂