Double Pepperoni, Hold the Payment

Bonnie portrait

By Bonnie Doran

My husband and I enjoy pizza, and we have several favorite places. Usually we spend our time with our noses in our books.

One evening, we had finished our meal, asked for a box, and waited for our check. And waited. Finally we flagged down our server and asked for it.

“It’s been paid,” he said.

We looked at each other. “You must be mistaken,” John said. “You never gave us the bill.”

“You’re right. I didn’t. Did you see that couple sitting across from you?”

“No.” Of course not. John and I had buried ourselves in our books.

“They paid your bill.”pepperoni pizza

“Huh?” In all our lives, no one had paid our dinner bill except for friends who won the argument about whose turn it was.

“The woman was a retired librarian. It tickled her so much that you were reading that she and her husband paid your bill.”

We looked across from us. The table held only un-bussed plates and napkins. “They left already?”


The server walked away. John and I frowned. A couple we never even saw had paid our bill just because we were reading? We occasionally pay for a friend’s meal, but never a complete stranger’s.

That incident sticks in my mind. We’ll never be able to repay them. Our only option is to extend the kindness to someone else. “Pay it forward,” as the saying goes.

I hope the Lord blesses that couple for their generosity. They certainly blessed us.

Bonnie Doran’s first published work was a poem about the planet Mercury, written in fifth grade. After she abandoned poetry, she tried her hand at devotionals and magazine articles before turning to the Dark Side—science fiction.

Her debut science thriller, Dark Biology, was published October 2013 by Harbourlight (Pelican Book Group). Here’s a teaser: Marooned on the International Space Station, a scientist races to develop a vaccine for a deadly virus, unleashed on Earth by her brother.

Find her at:

Website: Where Faith and Science Fiction Collide:

Blog: The Mad Scientist’s Wife:

Twitter: @bonniedoran



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