Danny’s Chicken Stew

chicken1Do you ever need to feed a large crowd? Do you like to cook outside in large pots? Then this is the recipe for you. Simple and delicious…


25 pounds of potatoes, cubed

5 pounds of onions, diced (I like less personally)

15 pounds chicken leg quarters, cooked, deboned, broth saved

2 gallons crushed tomatoes

4 large cans of tomato sauce

2 gallons of corn

3 pounds of elbow macaroni


Pour chicken broth in large kettle and add chicken.


Add potatoes, onions, and corn.


Soak macaroni in water until swelled, then pour off water.

Add to stew.


Add tomatoes last. Salt and pepper to taste.


3 thoughts on “Danny’s Chicken Stew

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  2. I’ve had this amazing stew! It’s delicious, especially when eaten at Jennifer & Danny’s house! Can’t wait to try it.

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