Dairy-Free Products I Like

no-dairy-diet-istockIn 2010, I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy. Not lactose intolerant, but I had developed an allergy to milk and other dairy. So started my search to find good dairy-free recipes and products. Today I’ll share some of my favorite foods…

1.  ALMOND DREAM™ all natural non-dairy frozen desserts. I especially like the dessert bites. They remind me of an chocolate coated iced cream bar, except in bites.

2.  ALMOND MOCHA FUDGE So Delicious Coconut milk dairy-free frozen dessert. One word. Yummy!

3.  EARTH BALANCE original butter spread. Tastes good.

4.  TOFUTTI sour supreme cream. To me, it’s just as tasty as regular sour cream.

5. TOFUTTI Better than cream cheese. Again this product mirrors regular cream cheese.


6.  SOY SLENDER Chocolate Soy milk. I don’t care to drink most dairy-free milk but this one is pretty good and also sugar-free.

So here are five of my favorites. In the future, as I continue to seek them out, I’ll share more fun and delicious dairy-free products.


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